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Steeped in Meditation

Since before meeting my teacher in India, I knew the purpose of my life was to raise Consciousness. I started meditating at age 15. Now it's 40 years as a meditator! I spent 17 years with my teacher and spiritual family in India. Upon my return to Canada in 2001, I started the Lotus Centre in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I've been teaching for over 17 years. I have trained 65 Yoga teachers, 30 Meditation teachers, given over 30 Enlightenment Intensives, and I am a practicing Mind Clearer with over 400 clients. My life is dedicated to the support of my own and others freedom state of mind! May I continue to raise consciousness in the name of the Divine Being!


Beginners Meditation Course

Transform Your Thinking!

Your mind is programed as a set of habituated patterns. Without awareness, you will remain the slave of your mind, feelings, emotions, ego image, and body needs. Through meditation, you can develop your awareness muscle, learn to separate your free Self from the unconscious mental patterns and experience the power of your unlimited Free Being that you are born to be!


Meditation Lifestyle

Raise your vibration and state of consciousness by living the meditation lifestyle. Daily yoga and meditation practice, spiritual community, healthy power food yoga diet, spiritual teacher guidance, chanting, dancing, physical and mental therapies, workshops, retreats and personal support.


Community Support and Spiritual Guidance


Without community we feel separate and alone. We need each other to see and know ourself. Each is a reflection of  Our Self. We grow into self awareness through our relationships with others. When we each choose to walk this spiritual path, we attract our spiritual brothers and sisters to walk along with us to raise each other's consciousness!


Allow me to bring the wisdom of India to you!


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